Most Pain treatments only manage your pain.  Other options include surgery that has no guarantees.  The hope with Regenerative Medicine is to restore and heal the injury with the use of biologics.  Biologics incorporates one's own regenerative processes to maximize repair and restoration of damaged ligaments, tendons, muscles, and tissues with various modalities.  These include prolotherapy with irritants such as dextrose, sarepin, or other mediators that stimulate a regenerative cascade.  Other treatments include injection with other biologics such as mesenchymal cells, amniopluropotent cells, bone marrow aspirate concentrate, platelet rich plasma, stromal adipose tissues, and others.  There are also various light and laser therapies that stimulate this process.  


Uses of regenerative medicine are endless.  Some novel approaches to low back pain that are being done include stem cell injections into degenerative discs causing restoration of discs.  Other treatments include regenerative injections into knees and shoulders with tendon/ligament tears to avoid surgery.


If interested, please contact Hawaii Pain Specialists to inquire if you are a candidate for regenerative medicine treatments.  Call us at (808) 445-9120 or contact us HERE.




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