Advanced Interventional Techniques

Our physician practice provides a breadth of advanced interventions not offered or done by other pain practices. In some cases, we are the only ones that perform such techniques in Hawaii. A few examples include Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression, Kyphoplasty, Occipital Nerve Stimulators for migraine headaches, Percutaneous Disc Decompression, Geniculate nerve blocks for Knee pain, and Radiofrequency ablation of articulating branches for Hip pain.  

Multidisciplinary Approach

Our practice believes in a multimodal approach inclusive of medical, advanced interventional technqiues, complimentary, and holistic approaches.  We utlize treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractor, physical therapy, meditation, yoga, and psychological approaches to maximize function and pain relief. 



Novel Pain Treatments

We are always looking for novel treatments to help out patients.  Some examples include ketamine infusions for chronic pain such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, propofol infusions for migraine headaches, Stellate Ganglion Blocks for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and stem cell injections for degenerative discs, tendons, and ligament injuries.



Welcome to Hawaii Pain Specialists

Hawaii Pain Specialists is considered to be the most advanced and premiere pain institute in Hawaii.  Dr. Phillip Lim and his team are considered to be at the forefront of pain medicine offering the most comprehensive diagnosis and cutting edge treatment options in the Hawaiian islands.  With top notch fellowship training at Harvard medical school, our physician offers only the best possible pain care.  Our services range from diagnosis, medication management, state-of-the-art interventional procedures and surgeries, regenerative medicine options, and recommendations for alternative modalities of care.  Through our commitment to provide individualized service, a comprehensive multi-modal treatment plan is created for each patient that comes into the practice. Our doctor practice offers the highest level of personal and professional service, and our highly trained staff is committed to meeting all of our patients' needs.

Our staff's expertise gives patients the confidence, comfort, and assurance that they are in the best of hands. Our physician is double board certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine with advanced interventional pain fellowship training in an ACGME accreditted program and certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology (a member board of the American Board of Medical Speciaties).  There are only a few, such as Dr. Lim, privileged to achieve ABA/ABMS board certification in pain medicine.  This is the only recognized certification in pain medicine. 


At Hawaii Pain Specialists, we believe the optimal way to provide excellent care is from a biopsychosocial approach and through continued education and staying abreast of recent developments within the field. Our doctor practice is committed to providing you with the highest level of care available.  It is our belief that the best way to achieve optimal health is to be proactive and attentive to your own well being and self care.


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